Our History

For decades, Stonesong has specialized in best-selling, top-notch reference books such as The New York Public Library Desk Reference, The Discover Science Almanac, The ESPN College Football Encyclopedia, The American Film Institute Desk Reference, The National Geographic Desk Reference, and more, establishing its reputation in both highly illustrated four-color and black-and-white popular nonfiction titles; in the 21st century, Stonesong has moved into fashion, beauty, cookbooks, crafts, and more, as well as establishing a strong presence as literary agents and opening a custom publishing division.

Stonesong was founded in 1978 by Paul Fargis who has over forty years of publishing experience. For twenty-five years, under Mr. Fargis’ direction, Stonesong created dozens of bestselling books, the winners of more than a dozen “best reference” awards, and numerous top-selling book club selections.

In January 2003, Stonesong became Stonesong Press LLC, headed by a new generation in publishing–longtime associates Alison Fargis and Ellen Scordato. Paul Fargis remains as an actively involved consultant. His experience includes work in every area of trade publishing, including sales, publicity, royalty systems, production, rights, and editorial. Prior to founding The Stonesong Press, he was the publisher of T.Y. Crowell and Funk & Wagnalls, later part of HarperCollins. He holds a Master of Arts degree from the New York University Graduate Institute of Book Publishing, has authored or co-authored several books and articles and is a past president of the American Book Producers Association.