Raising a Screen-Smart Kid: Embrace the Good and Avoid the Bad in the Digital Age

Most kids get their first smartphone at the same time that they’re experiencing major developmental changes. Making mistakes has always been a part of growing up, but how do parents help their kids navigate childhood and adolescence at a time when social media has the potential to magnify the consequences of those mistakes? Rather than

Kids Are Turds: Brutally Honest Humor for the Pooped-Out Parent

When do you know for sure that you’ve become a parent? For Jenny Schoberl, it wasn’t when a human fell out of her lady parts or the first time her baby said “Mama.” It was when she found herself, a grown woman, hiding in the bathroom to eat a candy bar, just so she didn’t

A Mother Is a Story: A Celebration of Motherhood

Capturing Brooklyn-based artist Samantha Hahn’s modern sensibility, this inspiring collection of quotes is hand-rendered in signature watercolors. With quotes that range from witty and irreverent to touching and thoughtful, each page presents sentiments and snippets of wisdom that speak to the spirit of motherhood.

Contributions come from literary icons, political activists, lifestyle bloggers, fashion designers,

My Prudent Advice

Based on Jaime Morrison Curtis’s award-winning Prudent Advice, this keepsake journal prompts mothers to record their own personal advice (“The best medicine for a broken heart is:” and “A woman is most beautiful when:”) alongside inspiring quotes and thoroughly modern yet time-honored counsel on all aspects of life, from love and friendship to education, travel, and fashion.

This is Your Book

This is Your Book

Graphic artist Ryan Maconochie’s baby book with humorous, provocative and idiosyncratic questions blends a modern design aesthetic with the perfect format for chronicling your child’s first year.

This Is Your Book gives parents an opportunity to record the vital statistics about their baby’s birth, but it also allows for them to reflect on the pop culture

Prudent Advice

Prudent Advice

Prudent Advice isn’t what your mother taught you, it’s more. Delivering 500 mini-lessons meant to educate and entertain, Curtis writes with wit and fresh insight into motherhood wrought from her own experiences and those of her blog followers. Time-honored canons such as “Dress appropriately for work” and “You reap what you sow” mingle with more

Pregnancy Dos and Don’ts

Pregnancy Dos and Don’ts

Decades ago, pregnant women knew to cut out drinking and smoking, but remained blithely unaware of other risks. In contrast, now reports of potential prenatal hazards crop up so regularly that today’s moms-to-be face a welter of questions: Is it safe to take a dip with my husband in our Jacuzzi in my second trimester?