Psychopath Free

Have you ever been in a relationship with a psychopath? Chances are, even if you did, you would never know it. Psychopaths are cunning charmers and master manipulators, to the point where you start to accept the most extreme behaviors as normal…

Even if it hurts you.   All around us, every single day, human

Miraval Mindful Living

Mindful Living is designed to help you more fully celebrate each moment of your life. Twelve specialists from the Miraval resort—ranging from exercise physiologists to chefs to spiritual healers—bring their expertise to chapters centered on the key tenets of the Miraval philosophy, such as balance, joy, and developing the ability to overcome obstacles. This book

20-Minute Vacations

20-Minute Vacations

20-Minute Vacations offers dozens of relaxing, invigorating, and just-plain-fun getaways that can be enjoyed in twenty minutes or less. Whether you prefer being pampered or challenging yourself with a new adventure, the secrets in this handy volume are sure to take you far away from the stress and pressures of daily life and work.

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