Leaving Everest

“Between the adventure, superb writing, and the heart-warming romance, I fell hard. A definite must read!” – Rebecca Yarros, author of the Renegades Series

Twenty-year-old Emily Winslowe has had an adventurous upbringing. Daughter of a Himalayan mountain guide, she has climbed Mount Everest and other peaks most Americans only dream of. But for all her mountaineering


A stand-out character in an entertainment industry where persona is everything, George “The Animal” Steele shares how he balanced his real life as Jim Myers, a highly respected high school teacher and coach, with the green tongued, hairy backed, turnbuckle eating wrestling icon he was in the ring. The memoir delves into the golden era

Backyard Sports: Tricked Out

Backyard Sports Series: Tricked Out (Book 6)

Reese and Dante love skateboarding together. Their friendly competition pushes them both to skate their best, but when they enter a contest with an amazing prize, the word “friendly” ceases to apply. Can the boys hold on to their friendship or will the competition come between them for good?

Backyard Sports: Inside Edge

Backyard Sports Series: Inside Edge (Book 5)

The Backyard Sports kids are taking to the ice for hockey season. But when Tony, their star player, gets invited to play with his older brother’s hockey team in addition to his own, Tony thinks he can do both. Soon he’s missing practices and letting his friends down. When he realizes that both of his

Backyard Sports: Hand-Off

Backyard Sports Series: Hand-Off (Book 4)

Pablo loves playing flag football with his friends, but he isn’t quite as good as all of the other kids. He practices all of the time and his heart is really in it, but he gets intimidated and always seems to mess up during the games. When the team’s quarterback hurts his ankle during the

Backyard Sports: Home Field Advantage

Backyard Sports Series: Home Field Advantage (Book 3)

The Backyard Sports kids are kicking off soccer season with a tournament. But before the kids know it, the tournament has become bigger than their little field can handle. They need to find a new field and fast! Will the kids be able to fix up a new field, organize the tournament, and still enjoy

Backyard Sports: Double Team

Backyard Sports Series: Double Team (Book 2)

It’s basketball season and all of the Backyard Sports kids love playing games after school. But it’s not all fun and games—a lot of the kids, like Pablo, love basketball and take it pretty seriously. Unfortunately, Ernie isn’t one of them. He’s too busy showing off funny moves and telling jokes on the court! Can

Backyard Sports: Wild Pitch

Backyard Sports Series: Wild Pitch (Book 1)

No coaches.  No uniforms.  No pressure—just fun! That’s the spirit of the #1 bestselling sports video game franchise for kids, Backyard Sports.  Now, that same fantasy and fun are the foundation of the Backyard Sports series.

Since 1996, Backyard Sports has thrilled young fans with award-winning games based on sports children love to play and

ESPN College Football Encyclopedia

ESPN College Football Encyclopedia

From South Bend, Indiana, to Lincoln, Nebraska, Palo Alto, California, to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Ann Arbor, Michigan, to Tallahassee, Florida, college football attracts the most dedicated fans in all of sports. ESPN College Football Encyclopedia is their Bible–a rich and exhaustive reference guide to the game’s history, tradition, and lore. Based on three years of