Pregnancy Dos and Don’ts

The Smart Woman's A-Z Pocket Companion for a Safe and Sound Pregnancy

Decades ago, pregnant women knew to cut out drinking and smoking, but remained blithely unaware of other risks. In contrast, now reports of potential prenatal hazards crop up so regularly that today’s moms-to-be face a welter of questions: Is it safe to take a dip with my husband in our Jacuzzi in my second trimester? I’m invited out for sushi, but could raw fish be harmful? I don’t want to get sunburned on vacation, but is this self-tanner potentially toxic?

Of course, answers to every pregnant woman’s worries can be laboriously wrung from the Internet (and cross your fingers the source isn’t a quack) or from books that weigh more than the baby she is carrying. But now there is a reliable, portable, and easy-to-use alternative in Dr. Elisabeth Aron’s Pregnancy Dos and Don’ts. The guide’s hundreds of entries–from Accutane to X-rays–put risks into perspective by explaining:

·why an item or activity is of concern
· whether or not the effects have been studied
·what’s the bottom line (what to avoid completely, what to stay away from just to be on the safe side, and what is perfectly fine)
·whether something is safe during a particular trimester but not in another

Instead of worrying or struggling to find answers, pregnant women can turn to the book that soothes fears, increases awareness, and overcomes misinformation at a time when they are most vulnerable to it.