Simple Fare: Spring and Summer

Simple Fare: Spring and Summer is a richly illustrated resource focused on seasonal, market-driven cooking. Centered on satisfying meals and balanced flavor profiles, Simple Fare consists of 65 seasonal, elegant, but paredback recipes for classic dishes. All of the dishes—such as Chive Gnudi with Brown Butter and Chanterelle Mushrooms, or Crispy Chicken with Garlic Toast, Herb Oil, and Broccolette—showcase the beauty of fresh ingredients and rely on simple preparations. Most of the recipes also include three or more alternative flavor profiles, allowing readers to adapt the recipe based on the ingredients at hand, creating hundreds of recipes. Illustrated with hundreds of striking photographs, Simple Fare is an oversized, distinctively designed kitchen essential that will encourage readers to find inspiration in their local farmers’ market offerings, cook intuitively, and enjoy a wide array of beautiful and delicious meals.