Wear This, Toss That

Hundreds of Fashion and Beauty Swaps That Save Your Looks, Save Your Budget, and Save You Time

In Wear This, Toss That, Amy Goodman shows you how to sort through the clothes you already have and take inventory of what you need. Cleverly organized like a closet, the book outlines the 30 pieces of clothing and 30 accessories every woman must have, and then goes through the closet rack-by-rack, shelf-by-shelf and drawer-by-drawer, helping readers determine what to wear, and what to toss.

With a snappy presentation, engaging information, and an empowering message for women of all ages, sizes or lifestyles Wear This, Toss That! is the quintessential guide for women who want to shake off wardrobe blahs. Wear This, Toss That is designed as a reference book to be used on a regular basis, and Amy has included plenty of fun facts, product picks, savvy tricks, and insider information-like tailoring tips and shapewear suggestions for making each piece of clothing fit perfectly.

The book has been featured on The Today Show, The Rachael Ray Show, Woman’s Day, All You, and Health magazines, with an over 32-city Satellite Media Tour.