What’s Left of Me

The Hybrid Chronicles

In Book One of the The Hybrid Chronicles, Eva and Addie are two souls sharing one body…and a dangerous secret.

Fifteen-year-old Eva cannot speak, cannot move, and should not, according to the laws of her world, even exist. She is a recessive soul, the one fated to fade away. Except she didn’t. Now Eva can only watch as Addie, her sister soul, lives her life for them both—until two other hybrids approach Addie with a shocking proposal: They can help Eva move again. But is the risk too great? When the teens are caught, they are sent to a remote facility from which no one ever returns.

Kat Zhang’s emotionally haunting debut combines elements of The Golden Compassand Girl, Interrupted into a fascinating alternate reality. Eva is a powerful character whose unique narrative position and tremendous voice will draw readers into this heartbreaking story perfect for fans of The Host, the Uglies series, and Matched.

Kat Zhang is an English major at Vanderbilt University. She spends her free time performing spoken word poetry, raiding local bookstores, and plotting where to travel next. What’s Left of Me is her first novel.

Foreign rights sold by Whitney Lee (wlee@fieldingagency.com) in Australia and New Zealand, China, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Indonesia, Poland, Spain, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom.

*Sold by Emmanuelle Morgen while at Judith Ehrlich Literary Management

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