Wonderful, Whimsical Coloring

A simple childhood activity has suddenly become incredibly popular with overworked grownups looking to combat stress. Filling in small, varied repeating squares of color by hand instead of staring at a screen of flickering imags turns out to be incredibly soothing and mentally relaxing, a meditation of sorts.Wonderful Whimsical Coloring by Alexis Seabrook offers approximately 55 beautiful illustrations that include inventive and fascinating repeating patterns as well as complex full-page scenes that reveal their secrets only when careful artists pay attention.

Alexis’s repeating designs, like Raining Cats and Dogs, Counting Sheep, Crowns and Tiaras, and Hot AirBalloons, give users the opportunity to color in calming, repetitive patterns, but switch up the colors in the repeating motifs. Even more exciting are the full-page designs, where readers are instructed to color as they please, but use one color and one color only for the item named in the title until a secret message is revealed. All designs in Colorful Meditation provide an opportunity for both creativity and relaxation.

Perforated paper allows artists to remove their designs for hanging.