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Backyard Sports: Tricked Out

Backyard Sports Series: Tricked Out (Book 6)

Reese and Dante love skateboarding together. Their friendly competition pushes them both to skate their best, but when they enter a contest with an amazing prize, the word “friendly” ceases to apply. Can the boys hold on to their friendship or will the competition come between them for good?

113 Things To Do By 13

113 Things To Do By 13

Let’s talk drama. Your crush likes your BFF… the mean girl at school is on the attack and you’re the victim… a hot party is on the agenda and you’ve got nothing to wear and no clue on how to style your hair. No worries: 113 Things To Do By 13 is your how-to-deal guide

The Sisters Grimm: The Everafter War

The Sisters Grimm: The Everafter War (Book 7)

Picking up after the dramatic cliffhanger that ended Book Six, Sabrina and Daphne’s prayers are finally answered when their parents awake from their sleeping spell. But their happy reunion is short-lived, as they are caught in the middle of a war between the Scarlet Hand and Prince Charming’s Everafter army. As the family works to

The Why Files

The Why Files

Science magazine meets The Onion, Mental Floss, and Mad magazine in this ingenious guide that seizes breaking news headlines, turns them inside-out, and exposes the real science lurking in those happenings.

For more than a decade, the intrepid folks at web’s #1 science destination, based at the University of Wisconsin and recognized by the

The Double Daring Book for Girls

The Double Daring Book for Girls

The eagerly anticipated follow-up to the bestselling phenomenon The Daring Book for Girls is an even more daring guide to everything from making a raft to learning how to play football to the art of the Japanese Tea ceremony. This second volume, with all new original material, promises to be even more of a daring

The Mom’s Guide to Growing your Family Green

The Mom’s Guide to Growing your Family Green

Green products are everywhere – food, appliances, cleaning products, and more are all claiming to be low-impact and environmentally friendly. With all the choices out there, how can moms determine what will be best for the health and safety of their families – and the environment? Terra Wellington has the answers. As a consumer advocate

Backyard Sports: Inside Edge

Backyard Sports Series: Inside Edge (Book 5)

The Backyard Sports kids are taking to the ice for hockey season. But when Tony, their star player, gets invited to play with his older brother’s hockey team in addition to his own, Tony thinks he can do both. Soon he’s missing practices and letting his friends down. When he realizes that both of his The Adopted Dog Bible The Adopted Dog Bible

The old rules don’t always apply to adopted dogs, whose training, past behaviors, and health histories may be a mystery. At least, in chapters reviewed by experts in veterinary medicine, nutrition, and training, pet parents will learn:

– Where to find your perfect canine companion

– All about breeds and mixed breeds and how you

Smart Words

Smart Words

If you want to add more variety, nuance, punch, and power to the way you speak and write, you’ve found the perfect book. Smart Words will help you be smart about the words you use and the way you use them.

Certain occasions call for the zinger verb, others for the killer adjective, still others

Backyard Sports: Hand-Off

Backyard Sports Series: Hand-Off (Book 4)

Pablo loves playing flag football with his friends, but he isn’t quite as good as all of the other kids. He practices all of the time and his heart is really in it, but he gets intimidated and always seems to mess up during the games. When the team’s quarterback hurts his ankle during the

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